Format: plain text

Advantages of plain text

  1. Can be read by any computer
  2. can be synchronized on all your devices
  3. can be converted to virtually any other format (use [pandoc] (
  4. is guaranteed to be legible in the future (meets the standards of long-term storage)
  5. is easy to read and catalog
  6. is a useful format for data mining
  7. is an excellent version control format (use [git] (

Text editor


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Markdown applications


Swiss army knife for converting from one markup format to another.

Treat you source files as an authoritative version of your text, and you target files as disposable “print outs” that you can easily generate with Pandoc on the fly.

$ pandoc -f html -t markdown -o

$ pandoc -S -o writing_workflow.pdf -V geometry:margin=1in -N --toc --filter pandoc-citeproc