Blog format


Your audience


White space

Cut & paste

Catchy titles

A good title makes your blog stand out, catches the eye

Correct transcription

Japan is not a person


Make your blog "skimmable"

Most visitors only scroll about 50-60% of a blog post (if you're lucky). If you want people to actually read your blog post, make it dead simple to walk through.

Use images

A blog without images is almost as bad as one without links.

* Sonota *

Workflow - Japanology Lab


  1. van bloggen naar traditioneel Japan
  2. van een bron naar Duits expressionisme naar anime
  3. theeceremonie, nu
  4. Amélie Nothomb vs Hideya Kawakita's posters
  5. zelf ukiyo-e maken
  7. actualisering onderwerp
  8. verdiepen onderwerp
  9. naar aanleiding van gastlezing
  10. driedelige serie
  11. HAIQ
  12. zelfreflectie
  13. externe blog
  14. Ghost in the Shell, Western Philosophy and the Future
  15. Parasyte vs Pollution: The Ultimate Paradox
  16. One grilled manga with extra thoughts, onegaishimasu
  17. From Buddha to Hashirama I
  18. On the night of September 21, 1945, I died

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